Thoughts on the year past, Happy New Year

Somewhere else in this blog, which meanders through different thoughts about creativity, I wrote about the difficulty I have with using the word, acknowledging the reality of, retirement. Instead, I borrowed the concept of retreading or creating a new tread in my lifeways (see 8/19/2019 blog). Trying to adopt the image of an old tire, I posited a new tread had been applied to my worn self and thus, I have been re-treaded rather than re-tired.

As the current annus horribilis has closed, I’m once again reflecting on past lives and what lies ahead in my current life.

For one, I observed that we are living in a continued state of dystopia*.

A few months ago, it seemed to be retreating, but then … along came omicron. Long lines are forming at ever increasing testing/vaccination sites in our communities. No, omicron (and other variants) do not take a day off!

from The New York Times

*Apologies, I had taken local dystopic photos, but deleted them thinking I’d not write about this topic.

masks in place!

An observation of another trend many have chosen to follow since the onslaught of COVID and the forced Shelter in Place on-again, off-again guidelines. At the theater where I usher (part of my re-treading strategy), I noted the number of ladies (and men) who, like me, have chosen to go natural.

Do they call it “silver”? Or is it grey, white, or another hue. Will they return to another color when the gates reopen?

I will not. While in middle school, Daughter pleaded with me to transform my salt and pepper to a uniform dark color. I resisted and am very lucky with the resultant silver (for more about my relationship with my hair see 8/17/2020 blog).

And then there’s the horoscopes … what have the foretold and will continue to tell about what we can expect. Several recent ones rang true, would you believe it? Even as recently as last week … December 29, “Plan to do something with someone you love … (it) will lift your spirits …” Constant Companion suggested that we go to a barbeque place we’d enjoyed long ago for lunch. It was fun!

The sheriff is in town!

The next day I was encouraged to “discuss lifestyle changes … spend time with loved ones.” That’s just what we’ve been doing these past long months. We’ll continue that into the New Year!

Finally, Rob Brezsny, my go-to on-line horoscope guru, promised at the close of 2021 that I would “finally get the credit” I deserve along with other Cancerians! To be determined … as we continue to dystopic path of the New Year.

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