For the past 25 and more years I have worked as a museum specialist and folklorist/ethnographer in small and large museums and community projects with emphasis on ethnic and cultural diversity. I’ve been involved in a wide variety of exhibition and education projects, planning, documentation, research, preservation and publication, in America and abroad. Special expertise is working with immigrant/ethnic culture, Native American and non-Western culture.

At the same time, I am a scholar in the culture and history of Jews in Greece, Sephardic Jews, Crypto-Jews, and Native Americans. My book, “We Are Few, Folklore and Ethnic Identity of the Jewish Community of Ioaninina, Greece,” (2008, Lexington Books) is drawn from in-depth research in northern Greece. It has served as the springboard for articles on the history and traditional culture of Jews in Greece in several journals. I’ve published articles on immigrant-ethnic groups in America, Native Americans in museums, multicultural museums, intangible cultural heritage, Sephardic folklore, Greek folklore, and folk art.

I’ve taught anthropology and museum studies at the University of Tulsa for over seven years and Florida International University for over 10 years as well as many workshops on folklore and folklife, American ethnicity, oral history, and museum issues. I am an active member of 7 international and national museum and folklore societies, including the International Council of Museums, the American Alliance of Museums and the American Folklore Society. Currently I am chair of the Florida Folklife Council and immediate past president of the International Committee for Museums of Ethnography.