It’s mango season …

South Florida is awash with mangos right now. Lucky are those with a tree in their yard, or a generous friend who shares the bountiful fruit. We’ve been fortunate to have one such friend, but somehow this year we’ve gotten very few mangos.

Yesterday, at a monthly art walk which my husband enjoys, one of the gallerists had brought a bag from her tree! Wonderful. She said take as many as we wanted, take them all! I just could not do that and chose 6 nice mangos.

In the meantime, on Saturday I went with a friend to the Yellow and Green Market, a public market in Broward County. It’s part produce market, part arts and stuff fair, and part pop-up prepared food stalls. Lots of displaced Venezolanos are using their entrepreneurial skills there. I was disappointed, however, that the Moroccan lady was not there nor the young couple from whom I’d purchased a good Korean meal. I was not disappointed by the richness of samples many of the vendors offered – opportunities to taste new foods (many of which I have no need to taste again). One of them was thinly sliced mango dressed with lime juice, pepper, and salt. I’d heard of this, but never tried it. What better way to fix with one of yesterday’s mangos.

We’ll have it this evening with our dinner of fresh Florida sweet corn, cold sliced chicken with a rich aioli, and roasted okra. Yes, roasted okra. Mind you, okra is part of my Greek-Jewish heritage. We call it bamya. Mom stewed it with diced onions and tomatoes and lemon juice – the secret to cut the slime. A while ago, I started roasting it – tossed with oil and whatever herbs (I buy the herb oils at William Sonoma when they are marked down), in the oven (385 degrees) for about 20 minutes. Try it – it’s creative and an excellent alternative preparation for okra.


  1. Enlightening, fun to read, informative…Why i waited so long have okra your way? My prediction: You will fly into the future.


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