Art on the Move

I’ve been quiet for the past few weeks because I was traveling. Finally, out of the bonds of Hotel California, though I still wear my mask while in groups. Internet connections along the way were usually quite good, but I was so overwhelmed by all I was taking in that my writing suffered. I’m back, slowly organizing – both the to-do list that I found waiting upon coming home and the long follow-up list after meeting lots of kind, kind people – and here’s but one group of observations from the start and finish of the long-awaited trip.

This trip took me through six airports, three in the US, three oversees. Visual diversions in the form of artwork along the long concourses caught my eye in two of the American airports. In my home airport, actually, I passed one display case with the notification that something was coming (I was moving quickly and did not capture this image).

I took off for Europe from the Philadelphia airport; it’s been a long time since I’ve been through there. Quite a bit of artwork by local artists and others were found along my path. The installation from The Colored Girls Museum (  was the first to catch my (or the first that I thought to photograph).

The bright and colorful mural by New Jersey artist, Khari Johnson-Ricks caught my eye. His training as a dancer is captured in the movement in this piece.

And … if you’ve read this blog, an octopus, which seems to continue to follow me, is included in the imagery!

detail, Khari Johnson-Ricks

Who knew that Philly was an accordion city? This was part of the exhibit from Liberty Bellows ( Added sound would have enhanced the visuals.

More hometown pride was on display of the 50th anniversary of Philadelphia International Records.

The imaginative three-dimensional floral sculptures by Kat Clarr, another Philadelphia artist, fill another space along the busy concourse (

Recycling and reuse of materials were the métier of a few of the artists. Philadelphia artist Deanna McLaughlin’s à la cart creatively gives new life to ordinary shopping cards (

Office Chair with Snacks

Jason Podlaski makes tiles from recycled skateboards that were arranged to fill one wall ( A Book Exchange lending library made this installation truly interactive.

Three weeks or so later, as I wended my way through the security line at the American Airlines terminal (Terminal 8) at New York’s Kennedy Airport. This colorful Big Apple sculpture by Miami’s own Romero Britto. His bright and colorful artwork – part of the Happy Art Movement – is found worldwide. I was shocked some time ago to see if for sale in Moscow’s Gum store.

And finally another rendition of The Big Apple, by Rea Nurmi in honor of Helsinki (

Next stop was my home airport; the empty display case still awaiting a new exhibition …

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