Sweepstakes, Surveys, and Spaghetti, too

So much time, maybe too much time during the months of the pandemic have been spent in front of the computer. In this long time, so much junk mail has been generated and found its way into in boxes. It’s almost a pure match to the amount of spam telephone calls received!

Within the plethora of the junk mail are usually invitations to take chances in many sweepstakes. The majority are for products or programs I had no knowledge or or interest in; they’re quickly consigned to the deleted folder. On the other hand, I am sorely tempted by others. How I would love to win that trip to some eco-park in Costa Rica or some other fabulous trip … as long as airfare is included. At times like this, the maxim to read the small print is applied, just in case you win and are saddled with some outrageous airfares. In other words, I have entered a fair number of these lotteries.

Another category of junk mail sometimes not to be ignore are the surveys, many of which follow some zoom presentation or other. I try to provide well thought-out feedback, usually supportive, so these organizations will continue to entertain and inform us from afar with excellent programs. Often the surveys offer some sort of incentive – a mug, a gift card.

I vaguely remember a program offered by the Jewish Arts Collaborative, a Boston area arts non-profit (https://jartsboston.org/), in the recent past. Their recent survey sought opinions about the programs in the past year in general. I did my civic duty and answered.  A week or two ago, a small box was wedged into our mailbox, from Newton, Ma. Wow, my Uncle Si was a mailman in Newton Ma, what a small world.

This card informed me that it was my lucky day.

We love the new mug in our stable of equally expressive mugs. Of course, I love the visual reference to Jewish food and the arts.

When it comes to sweepstakes, this congratulatory certificate in a plain white legal-sized envelope reminded me that some other time I’d entered a One Day Sugar Giveaway sponsored by Dixie Crystals. We can always use sugar in the house.

What fun in the on-going strange time. Thanks to all sweepstakes and surveys from which I’ve benefitted!

Which led us to spaghetti and the need for a quick and easy dinner.

Ever complimentary Constant Companion insisted that photo the dinner … It was so simple. Open a can of whole clams, another can of clam sauce, added some sautéed onion, peppers, and celery, and probably some days-old white wine. Cook the spaghetti as per directions. Top with chopped parsley. Serve with a simple tossed salad and fresh fruit.

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