Of late, I’ve been switching/shifting between three or four chairs in the house. I start the morning in front of the computer, at one time known here as the compooper. Time to check my all-important e-mail, contact with the outer world! I see the very few entries in my Inbox, then move to weed out the Junk Mail. Every once in a while, I take the time to “unsubscribe” pesky entries that seem to proliferate. But that does not eliminate the unwanted offers to enlarge body parts not found on my female body and more!

Another chair is the kitchen chair where I find myself next, eating whatever breakfast is designated for the day. I guess the morning efforts of emptying the dish drainer and the bending and reaching involved in putting away dishes from the dishwasher qualify for some form of exercise. I’m back again in the early evening for dinner. Cooking dinner – moving between the fridge, the counter, the stove, and maybe a bit further the pantry/laundry room – constitute more efforts at exercise.

Across the den from my computer/work desk is an old dining room table, legacy of Mom who lived with us for a number of years. It’s there that I construct my crazy collages. An old chair I’d bought for daughter for her high school desk serves me there. I cut and paste (literally) hundreds of little pieces of paper to reassemble them into images either taken from some other source or drawn from my mind.

Then, between desk and art space is the leather settee, another contribution by Mom. It’s in need of replacing, but with what? It’s here that I sit and recline to watch TV, and sometimes fall asleep much too early. Lunch is also frequently eaten from this vantage point of the idiot box. I’m a recovering TV-holic. I love old shows – Perry Mason, Maverick. For a while 77 Sunset Strip with Epharaim Zimbalist, Jr and Ed Burnes as “Kookie” was a very late night staple that made my recurrent insomnia enjoyable! I also have the TV on during my craft sortees.

Another frequented chair entered my life about two months ago. That’s the chair outside of the Colony Theater.

Our theater company, Miami New Drama, is at the end of a run of a newly conceived play in which the players inhabit vacant storefronts and the audience is situated on socially distanced chairs on our pedestrian mall. The 7 Deadly Sins are 8 (Purgatory is the 8th) short vignettes to which the audience members are guided over a 90 minute evening.

My post has been sitting at the theater to make sure that the limits of the restrooms are honored. I bring a book and also people watch. Here are some recent “people” at the neighboring hang out spot.

Last night it was a real child with car …

Time now to attend to the daily dishwasher emptying and then breakfast followed by Perry Mason hour and some work on the latest collage. Today I’ll walk up to the bank and make a deposit … what a fun life, with and without chairs.


  1. Love the photograph of the dogs in tiny cars, and of course, the tiny person in a tiny car. Maybe “tiny cars” can be the subject of another blog?


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