On Again, Off Again – Walking

We have one more month before the official end of “rainy season.” This makes walking an on again, off again venture. Will it rain, won’t it rain. Wait too long in the morning, it becomes too hot and humid for creature comfort.

I start many days with the best of intentions of walking. But they often get set aside for any combination of the above reasons … or no reason at all (read, laziness). I feel my vertebrae compressing after the hours of “zooming,” none of which are drawn from my collection of exercise activities. Actually, if all goes well this morning, after I finish this, unload the dishwasher, and eat breakfast, I might venture out to the grocery store – my list is small and I can carry it home with ease. Let’s see!

I’ve recorded houses and flowering trees on my infrequent summer walks. You might have read about how we can see the small seasonal changes in nature (see June 2 post). Another sign of change is the birds. The pelicans are returning to their winter home, gliding in the sky. Other gliders are the black vultures, who when not on high, perch on the light posts that line the causeway to the mainland.

Loads of Muscovy ducks inhabit the golf course across the street from our home. They are all over town. Urban legend tells of the disappearance of the muscovies from the local university campus when a group of international students moved into the dormitories. I’ve heard they are good eating.

Actually, I don’t think this pair are muscovies

My first close encounter with peacocks was in 1970 at the home of my English “family” in Buckinghamshire. The crying babies in the night woke me were in fact the calls of their peacocks. These birds have become somewhat a nuisance in some of our suburbs where there proliferation is unchecked. I was surprised to find a peahen and her chick at the front porch of a house on the other side of the golf course.

And then there are the flamingos. Well, these are far from their natural habitat and are not quite real. But they are eye-catching.

Other front yard inhabitants … I’ve always loved this sculpture overlooking another yard across from the golf course. And then, the cats, they remind me of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young.

One’s hiding in the shadows

Speaking of “Our House,” here it is for you – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tKYjUn-SBcg. And here’s our Sweetie and Pastiche taking in a lazy afternoon in our backyard.


  1. The non-Muscovy are actually so-called Egyptian Geese. Native to Africa, they’ve gotten loose locally and do breed a lot. And, unlike the Muscovy Ducks, the Egyptian Geese are loud.


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