On a Roll

I’ve been on a roll this week! You’ve been reading about different outlets for my creative urges – sewing, crafting, cooking, collage (with glass and with paper). This week, my jewelry-making table called out to me (see Nov. 9 post). It’s right in front of “my place” by the tv. But, I’ve not been motivated of late to pick up my beads and tools. I’ve been thinking what can I make, just not motivated. The other evening I picked up where I’d left off some time ago.

I enjoy working with pearls to see what I can assemble and then what to wear them with. A while ago, when Daughter returned home, she cleaned out her jewelry box. One piece she relinquished was a puffy sterling heart. I thought grey pearls would set off the silver nicely. I had several types to choose from, of course all cultured. There were some freshwater pearls and some spherical, regular shaped pearls. I decided on three strands to off-set the heart with silver-tone spacer beads at the center. The strands meet at the ends with another spacer and silver cones, closing with a heart-shaped toggle.

A while ago, Kaitlin, my co-worker and partner in craft crime, and I spent an afternoon creating a variety of fun shapes with shrinky-dinks (see Sept. 8 post). Mine sat in a small zip-lock bag on my jewelry table calling to be put into something pretty. I had several sets – the usual hand of Fatima and pomegranates (still waiting), three quasi chrysanthemums, and several free form flowers. I started with the chrysanthemums matched with coral tubular beads and small green glass beads to pick up the green leafs. I also added some of the green beads near the ends of the beads.

There are many on-line sources from which beads can be purchased. I usually prefer to hold them in my hand and see what I’m getting. The local Michael’s store is my usual source for beads and findings. There are so many to choose from; I tend to use smallish beads – 6 mm or smaller.

I also use the beading board (see in photos) to lay out my creations. For stringing, I like monofilament or fishing line. I used beadalon beading wire for these pieces. Also, because I don’t have pierced ears, I rarely make earrings, just sticking to necklaces. Though when I made some necklaces for a friend a few months ago, I made matching earrings.

Next up on this jewelry-making spurt was the other set of floral shrinky dinks. What influenced me to make these, I don’t remember. They kind of resemble papyrus flowers.

Image result for papyrus flowers

In this case, I paired amethyst beads with pale carnelian beads, picking up the colors of the flowers. For spacers, I used 4 mm amethyst beads. I also dug out two small jade end beads. The aim was to pick up the colors of the floral shrinky dinks. Some amount of planning is needed before deciding the layout of the beads.

One afternoon this week, Daughter and I cleaned out some of my Mom’s jewelry, not an easy task. Slowly, we’ve been sharing it with friends, a wonderful way to remember a wonderful woman. Among the remaining pieces was a hand of Fatima pendant, probably purchased on a trip to Morocco. I decided on a bit longer necklace with the pendant in the center. My choice were coral beads (good to take way the evil eye!) of different shapes. Again, I always lay out the beads on my grooved board to achieve a pattern. Also shown are two traditional jewelry pieces I bought on my own trip to Morocco in 1972.

Now the dilemma is where to wear my new jewels. I am getting dressed (almost) daily; and I go out several times a week. But I usually don’t wear clothes that warrant pieces like these! In the meantime, from Daughter’s cache, a largish agate heart pendant still waits finding its place into something that worn.

I also found time to finish one more collage. Another sits on the table in the back of the room waiting to be finished.


  1. I love the pearls and heart. The textures are great. The pearls look like they are flowing into the heart!


  2. Nice! I love the pearls!

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    On Fri, Jul 10, 2020 at 12:26 AM Creatively Annette wrote:

    > creativelyannette posted: ” I’ve been on a roll this week! You’ve been > reading about different outlets for my creative urges – sewing, crafting, > cooking, collage (with glass and with paper). This week, my jewelry-making > table called out to me (see Nov. 9 post). It’s right in front ” >


  3. Annette, I thoroughly enjoyed this post and am happy to see how your jewelry projects turned out. I wonder, how exactly do you string the beads, using that board? I’ve never seen that tool before, but it looks very helpful. Hugs to everyone!


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