Art Week – One last post

Thank you all for reading, liking, and commenting on my posts about our recent Art Week. I’ve enjoyed attending all the fairs, programs, and events over the past seventeen years. This year, I challenged myself to write about it and had loads of fun. Actually, at least two of the art installations are still in place. I’ll remind Constant Companion to get out from in front of his computer (or compooper as Daughter used to call it) so we can take them in and continue to excitement of the past week. Then there are the museum exhibitions we did not see …

I wanted to add a few more observations from the end of the week. Then, I’ll move on.

After one morning museum brunch, Daughter and I meandered … We started at the Design District. And we saw stores, installations, and exhibits that were on the week-long “should see” list, made some discoveries, and had at least one very enjoyable and pleasant surprise.

The Design District is a series of plaza lined with high-end stores, connected by walk-ways or paseos. Yes, the whole shebang borders on pretentious. Our first destination was Paradise Plaza where pop-up stores are installed. Last year along with a Gweneth Paltrow goop store there was an amazing photo exhibit hidden on an upper level. This year we were drawn into the Galereh Mizrahi pop-up by the playful, brightly colored display. Being promoted was their line of bodega bags … thus the bodega-like presentation.

Can you find the teeny handbags?

We took in the pink sloths and She Comes First installation near Jade Alley that I’d seen earlier with Constant Companion (see Dec. 3 post). Daughter worked a booth at one of the fairs for a few days and met Jill C. Weisberg, the artist who created She Comes First. Weisberg was thrilled that I was moved by the piece.

As we meandered along the Paseo Ponti toward the Palm Court, we encountered equally colorful visitors.

We found the group of sloths (Pink Beasts by artist Fernando LaPosse) at Palm Court. Hmm, I just looked to see if there is a noun to describe such a group (herd of cattle or horse, barrel of monkeys, kindle of kittens). Because sloths tend to be solitary animals there is no such collective noun. Who would have known?

And, there are always the famous people sightings during Art Week. Here’s ours for the week – Shepard Fairey, and new mural mural on the D-Squared Building at the edge of the District. Some years ago, Fairey donated a mural to the Design and Architecture Magnet School (DASH), located in the Design District.

Mandala Ornament
Ricardo Guadalupe and Shephard Fairey

Daughter’s goal in this mid-morning meander was the Hello Miami pop-up. She is a fan of Cha Cha Matcha and wanted to take that in. Earlier in the week, Constant Companion was engaged with The Skate decks offered by The Skateroom at this pop-up. They are decorated with artwork by Andy Warhol, Judy Chicago, and other artists. This company donates profits to social projects around the world.

One of my goal’s was to see the annual Gagosian and Jeffrey Deitch exhibition, “The Extreme Present.” This was their fifth collaboration staged in the historic three story Moore building (1921). It’s the first I was able to get there. Interesting.

Andisheh Avini
Untitled, 2019
Damian Hirst
I’d seen this work made of pills at a previous Art Basel
Zaha Hadid
Elastika, 2005

On permanent display in the atrium is the site-specific installation “Elastika,” (2005) created by Iraqi-born, London-based architect Zaha Hadid. “The work compliments … and at the same time contradicts the period in which the Moore Building was built” (

And the pleasant surprise? As we were walking to the car, we were drawn into a seemingly empty building and directed to the second floor. There, we were invited to partake in “Harmony Korine X Snapchap Spectacles.” This humorous, short movie, shot entirely with a 3D camera, was filmed in Miami. I expected to not like something so new an innovative. It was delightful fun. Thank you!

And thus, ends the weeklong overload of 2019 Art Week – a week filled with modern and contemporary art, lectures and discussions, eating and drinking, and colorful people watching. If you think you are tired from all of this, think about us! As usual, it was so worth all the effort. Well, almost – I was somewhat challenged by a young gallerist to think and write about an art subject close to my opinionated heart. I might just follow up someday in CreativelyAnnette.

But first, or in closing, a collage of people who believe in bringing art, the tropics, and dress to life!

Andrea Spriridonakou
local, talented textile artist
Mark Nedlin
South Florida Symphony Orchestra
Daniel Ciraldo
champion of local historic preservation

In the meantime, I’ll return to the ramblings about my creative activities, museum musings, global museum adventures, and whatever might catch my fancy.

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