If it’s October it’s National Breast Cancer Month

October is National Breast Cancer (BC) Month. I’ve already written that I’ve had 2 unplanned adventures with BC. First was about 17 years ago and after surgeries and treatments with kind and loving support from family and community I moved on. Then about 2 years ago was the second visit. And here I am, still going strong. I know, I’ve very lucky.

The first time around, I jumped in with 2 feet and volunteered wherever I could. I helped at walks, served as survivor chair (twice) for one, did the walks, helped edit a newsletter for a few years, and was a Bosom Buddy giving support to several other women. That’s the source of the many t-shirts which I’ve transformed into t-shirt quilts (see July 2 post).

The second time, I remained more low key and kept to myself. It is … what it is … Then I was working full-time, two years ago I was not. So I have time for all sorts of activities including this blog. One is to participate in classes one or two times a month at our local Athleta store.

Do you have an Athleta store near you? It’s a good quality women’s yoga gear store, part of the Gap family (who knew?). Our local store is very community oriented. They offer different classes each month. Local vendors are highlighted at the programs. Two weeks ago, it was a succulent/meditation class with La Succulenta (https://www.instagram.com/lasucculenta/). While offering “intentions” we potted a few succulants to brighten our homes. Really nice. I’ve also done gentle yoga, essential oils, and other classes on Sunday mornings.

The most recent offering was in support of Breast Cancer Month, Pink for Pilates. Wow, what was a crowd (women and men) for the pilates stretch class and more. Afterwards, we had yummy snacks, essential oils, mini massages, and more.

Also Dee Rivera, (Glambition) from NYC, who wrote the inspirational Knocking Down Walls in Heels was there. Wow, I feel energized for the day ahead! Thanks, Dee, for a copy of your book and the great BC jewelry from Paloma’s Jewelry Corporation (www.palomasjewelry.com) which you shared with me. I think I’ll curl up and read your book this afternoon!

By the way, another experience I was able to take part in this past month was the annual Hopetober Swim with the Dolphins at Seaquarium. Breast Cancer survivors get the opportunity to get into the swim.  It was an amazing group of women who have had extraordinary experiences.

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