Let’s start with food – what to cook with enoki mushrooms?

Miami is noted for its amazing cultural diversity.  Well, it’s heavy on Central and South American and Caribbean.  A bunch of Africans, primarily Nigerians, are here, but where?  I was with a friend the other weekend and I introduced her to La Fruteria, a rich discovery land of all sorts of fresh and packaged provisions from all over the globe.  She was happy to discover a new neighborhood resource, I was excited to find enoki mushrooms.

A little while later while pondering dinner – I am trying to empty the overstocked pantry and freezer – I decided to do something with a container of Pho broth from Aldi.  I was going to add chicken and spinach, then I remembered the frozen wontons from Costco.  While rooting around in the fridge there were the abandoned, beloved enokis.

I turned to my friend, Google, and found some recipes on two of the Korean food blogs I follow – one for enoki pancakes.  For those who don’t know me, I’ve been privileged to travel to Korea annually, a few times more than once!  I serve on the editorial board of the International Journal of Intangible Heritage, published by the National Folk Museum of Korea (more on that in future blogs).  I’ve come to appreciate Korean food, though oftentimes I really don’t know what I’m eating. Jeon, or pancakes are a favorite, so it was enoki mushrooms with mash-up pho soup.  The jeon and accompanying sauce were so easy to make (https://mykoreankitchen.com/korean-enoki-mushroom-pancakes/). Give them a try.  I hope you find them as tasty as my husband and I did.

Today is Creative Cooking, what will be next?  Cheers ~

And here’s the fusion wonton pho with spinach and chicken- 

Wonton soup with chicken and spinach

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