Christmas Visitors, Miami Style

Yesterday, Constant Companion and I decided to practice our Christmas Day tradition a day early, dim sum lunch. We took a different route to our favorite Chinese restaurant and came across the following, amazing display. It’s a real, creative South Florida expression replete with animal visitors from around the world.

Alligators all around* greet you; note the coral rock in the yard, real Miami. Daughter thinks T-Rex is poised in the background, how about you?

*For Carol King fans, or just a plain cheerful song, here’s Alligators All Around (a favorite pick-up song)

The alligators lead to the nativity scene nestled in an otherwise Chinese garden, complete with fisherman perched on the bridge. If you able to zoom into these photos, do so … the details are delightful.

Angels on high watch over the peaceful scene. Catch our Miami sky.

Nativity from the other side with full view of goat and cow.

On the side, the reindeer are taking a rest.

Around the corner is Santa’s Polar home where Polar bear, penguins, snowy owl, snowmen, and Snoopy and his friend Woodstock are all on hand. Look for the penguins in their igloo home. And, yes, that’s snow in tropical Miami.

The bright yellow pelican with Santa hat returns the scene to the sunny shores of Florida.

And then there’s Santa up on the rooftop, under the Miami sky.

Earlier in the week, before our sudden cold snap, Constant Companion and I walked down to the grocery store. One house down the street goes all out with decorations for Halloween and Christmas.

A very lean (or deflated) Santa’s flying in …

Here, too, quite a menagerie awaiting Santa’s visit are entertained: penguins and cow along with the king of beasts, piggy, flamingo, and whales (look on top of the fountain).

If you wandered, no, we do not go out looking for these amazing creations, they are just there waiting to be seen and bring joy to all in the season of joy!

Note: The feature photo was taken about 7 am on the day before Christmas, great sky!

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