Imaginary Landscapes

A little while ago I wrote about art cars (11-23-20). Our neighborhood tap tap truck seems to have moved on. I miss seeing its imaginative brightness under the overarching trees.

A few years ago on at trip to the great Northwest to visit Daughter who lived in Seattle, I made a detour to San Juan Island to see one of my brothers. He’s lived in the San Juans for many years. We don’t get to see each other often as I’ve made my homes in the Midwest and along the Atlantic.

My brother took me around the ins and outs of San Juan and introduced me to the amazing creations of local artist, Kevin Roth. Roth’s imaginary landscapes using cement mixer drums and loads of found objects his work honestly earns a “trash to treasures” award. A welder/ fabricator by trade, he’s been a leader in the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle movement on the island. His constructions are often shown for the first time at the county fair.

Here’s the Fish house, outside and in …

More undersea fun for lovers of Sponge Bob and his friends.

And here’s Middle Brother, my guide for the day at the Strawberry House, you can see the size of these things.

Yellow Submarine meets Fish House. It’s made from all sorts of fuel tanks, Weber barbeque, galvanized pipes and more

Last, but not least, some political sentiment.

If only if only … what a world we’d have had.

You can imagine I’d love to have some of his work in my yard.


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